Magic Circle | Alchemical Silver Mirror

SKU: TP_D001_DCA_PP7_2024_999
Pocket Portal



7 cm in diameter

Year of production:


Realization technique:

Dibond Chromed Silver

Pocket Portal | Edition of 999. Numbered and signed. The package includes a soft velvet pouch.

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Shipping available momentarily only in Italy.

"The center of the Artwork represents the source of creative energy. The chromatic progression from the center outwards corresponds to a precise emotional path that from consciousness gradually goes to subconsciousness. The effect is an emotional rebalancing that leads the observers to the vision of the whole Artwork. The sequence of colors, from the source of life in the center outwards, coincides with a specific emotional and spiritual path. It is as the chromatic effect brings to the observers the magic dimension of existence, that translates in a true energetic reset. The observers can quickly reach a place of peace where they can let the color take care of them. The Artwork is alive, active and embracing. It affects the mood and aptitude towards life of those who meet it. The variation of light – up to the Artwork turned off – is functional to the emotional state of the subjects during their viewing. The Artwork switched off produces its chromatic effect with a maximum vibrational intensity. The silver mirror makes the observer an active part of the system of resonances and vibrations."

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