Harmony Emphasized | Alchemical Silver Mirror

SKU: TP_C009_DCA_PP7_2024_999
Pocket Portal



7 cm in diameter

Year of production:


Realization technique:

Dibond Chromed Silver

Pocket Portal | Edition of 999. Numbered and signed. The package includes a soft velvet pouch.

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Shipping available momentarily only in Italy.

"This portal consists of two parts. An outer part, characterized by resonance of blue, azure, and yellow, guides the observer towards a white circle projecting them into the universal blue. The observer is thus absorbed by the Harmony seal at the center of the artwork, dominated by the Blue of the dotted pattern, reminiscent of the movement of the vast cosmic night. The great womb of the world. Shapes and symbols are positioned within the dots to transcend the barriers of the conscious mind and reach the unconscious. The three yellow symbols represent the three Suns, the trinitarian aspect of the divine, and are connected by a row of pink dots, symbolizing the Divine Love brought into our dimension. A light blue spiral reinforces the idea of the pure source that nourishes our souls, the Great Mother. The silver mirror makes observation an active part of the system of resonances and vibrations."

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