Fire | Reminder Of Your Talent | Alchemical Silver Mirror

SKU: TP_D017_DCA_PP7_2024_999
Pocket Portal



7 cm in diameter

Year of production:


Realization technique:

Dibond Chromed Silver

Pocket Portal | Edition of 999. Numbered and signed. The package includes a soft velvet pouch.

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Shipping available momentarily only in Italy.

"Spaces and fades are the key to this work. Three sigils in one. Three doors. Three dimensions of the element fire in its yellow-orange shade. Perspective is the key to enter the deep meaning hidden in its seeming simplicity. The three colors of the yellow-orange spectrum of fire, sun, passion, and warmth are actually the frame for the alchemical space where the observers are mirrored and integrated into the work. The energy of the sun, of fire, is nourishment, as we can write our own story, our own life. The alchemical circles, the reflective spaces, represent the world of infinite possibilities that we are given. There is no room for wasting talent. The silver mirror makes the observer an integral part of the artwork at all three levels, thus defining the balance in the presence of the here and now in the central part."

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