We Are Energy | Alchemical Gold Mirror

SKU: TP_S020_DCO_55_2024
Series 55



100 cm in diameter

Year of production:


Realization technique:

Dibond Chromed Gold

Unique piece. Hand signed by the artist. Certificate of Authenticity.

Shipping available momentarily only in Italy.

"A portal that is a dynamic sigil alchemically merging with the observers, to make themselves living talismans. The sigil contour is black to represent the solemnity and absoluteness of the experience. It symbolizes the four dimensions of existence, they are deliberately slightly misaligned and defined by black (which is an our illusion that describes the not known). The red background stands for the source, the energy in its underground and primordial form. At the bottom the brown ramification represents the world below, Nature, the Earth, and the earthly dimension. Upwards the dark purple branching corresponds to the cosmos, Universe, and the higher self. To the left and to the right lines that describe the before and after, with the color of the soul. In the middle there is a spiral of light and energy slightly directed towards Northeast, embodying the direction we take and the future we make. Everything is connected by light and energy. WE ARE ONE"

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