Pure Enlightment | Clear Alchemical Gold Mirror

SKU: TP_SOA011_Y_DCO_55_2024
Series 55



55 cm in diameter

Year of production:


Realization technique:

Dibond Chromed Gold

Unique piece. Hand signed by the artist. Certificate of Authenticity.

Shipping available momentarily only in Italy.

This portal is a sigil, that becomes a talisman for those who are able to go through it in awareness. An alchemical and transformative Artwork, where gold represents the most precious and subtle dimension that transcends the material values of the reality in which we live. At the same time gold is shiny and becomes a mirror to seek that integrates the observers by amplifying the energetic interaction. The white background field represents the white light, source of life and completion of the mirror. The outermost irregular lines represent the cosmic energy surrounding us and available to us, and which in a following level becomes dots, available for the use of those who are aware and willing to transformation. Inside the silver dots transmuted in energy symbols, true essences that in a vortex lead those who are ready to the revelation of self and to the divine nature that transcends the duality of the world.

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